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If we can not help you, we will help you find the right company, after 33 years and counting we know the right people.



The DEG Corp story started 37 years ago when the owner and president started in the diagnostic equipment field.  Throughout the years, as the industry  expanded and became more technologically advanced, so did the expertise and knowledge of our president.  Dan Gasparovich felt it was time to use his vast knowledge to bring savings and reliable diagnostic equipment directly  to the customer.

Dan’s experience in the field has included working with an OEM and a leading ISO.  This enables him to see all aspects of the medical imaging field and be better able to understand the needs of the customer.  Dan started out with Ohio Nuclear/Technicare in 1977 he remained with the company until they closed. He then helped start Trionix in 1986, then went to ADAC Laboratory. Dan did everything from engineering support, training, installation, customer support, hot accounts specialist, and  most importantly met and worked with people that he will never forget all over the world. He worked at all the SNM and RSNA shows for over 10 consectutive years.  Dan co owned  AIS  until he joined BC Technincal. Dan now works independently.

Customer service and customer satisfaction has been paramount throughout Dan’s career.  DEG Corp is a continuation of Dan’s commitment to the customer.

DEG Corp’s vast experience allows the company’s expertise to offer customer consultation with 100 percent satisfaction.  This includes start up practices to the largest health care facilities.

DEG CORP is a diagnostic equipment broker that sells new and pre-owned medical equipment. We are familiar with all aspects of the medical imaging industry including assisting customers with equipment purchases, assisting in the sale of existing equipment, deinstallation, installation and all that entails to keep the system up and running for many years.

In this changing economy we understand purchasing medical equipment is a major cost of doing business. Budget cuts and replacing end of life equipment has become more of a challenge. DEG CORP can help overcome these obstacles. Pre-owned medical equipment has become an essential option.

DEG CORP’s goal is to provide consultation services, and provide the pre-owned diagnostic equipment that equals or surpasses OEM standards. Consultation service can include assistance with budgeting for future needs.

We buy direct and pass the savings on to our customers.

Refurbished and non refurbished equipment is available. International customers are welcome to purchase non refurbished equipment.

We are known for our ability to locate and work with the medical imaging industry to meet our customer’s needs.

Our consultant’s provide accurate market value for your current equipment and work with the customer to meet future medical equipment needs.


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