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Home  DEG Corp is now a distributor for Thinking Systems.

 The  company Thinking Systems, is  recognized as an innovative leader in the Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) market, a proud recipient of Frost & Sullivan's Technology Award, and highly ranked by KLAS. Thinking Systems Corporation develops and markets the industry’s most comprehensive and feature-rich PACS and RIS (Radiology Information System) available today for radiology, cardiology, and molecular imaging. Thinking Systems’ trademark in the industry is its sophisticated clinical applications. Its PACS and RIS products have seen over 15 years of use worldwide by the most prestigious hospitals, research and educational institutions, imaging centers and private medical practices.

 DEG Corp is still a distributor for UltraSPECT which is a leading supplier of Software Products for the Nuclear Medicine imaging practices providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for improved clinical outcomes and patient safety delivered by Gamma Cameras and PET.

Based on proprietary, innovative reconstruction algorithms technology, Wide-Beam Reconstruction (WBRTM), the Company’s imaging solutions to lower radiopharmaceutical doses, shorten acquisition times, and increase image resolution. UltraSPECT products include the Xpress.CardiacTM, the Xpress3.CardiacTM, and the Xpress/Xact.BoneTM.

Lower radiopharmaceutical doses reduce patient exposure to radiation. Shorter acquisitions improve patient comfort, reduce patient motion, and increase patient throughput. Higher resolution offers improved lesion localization, raising diagnostic confidence.

Compatible with most major manufacturers’ cameras and workstations, these products can be installed in a couple of days and offer a virtually transparent interface between the gamma camera and workstation,

Current R&D activities are focused on more advanced solutions, taking Molecular Imaging into new realms of performance.